Happy birthday dear friend!!!😁

May you have the very best of what life has to offer!!!😊😊❤️



…but I am not anymore.

I have gotten to live for more than a decade now (which I’m thankful for) and as expected, I have learnt a lot over this time.

I have had unfulfilled expectations, I have managed to get my heart broken in one way or another, I have also seen and lived through tough situations and experiences, but hey, such is life!
It is the same life also that has given me the wonderful opportunity of experiencing such beautiful moments, with amazing persons, and I’m thankful for this too.
This is precisely the reason why I have decided to be my number one supporter and fan, because I have realized that I am the one who understands me and the decisions I make completely. Get me right, I’m not at all shunning other people’s opinions and suggestions in my life, but I’ve decided to live my life as I want it.

So, it doesn’t matter which religious book I choose to abide by, or if I choose not to abide by any, it doesn’t matter what I decide to do for a living, it doesn’t matter whether you think I have a heart as black as coal or one as pure as an angel’s, it doesn’t matter the mistakes I’ve made in the past, it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve lost, and most importantly, it doesn’t matter where I’m coming from. All that matters is where I’m headed and my commitment to this.

I’ve gained knowledge on a number of things, as I will be revealing as we proceed in this epic journey and among them is that, ‘wisdom requires one to pause…

I’m going to walk a hundred + miles, I’m going to whistle all the while, if that’s what it takes to make me smile, I’m gonna walk a hundred miles. (Mindy Gledhill)
I’m going to take a chance, impossible as it may seem.

With that being said, welcome to my blog, it will be about random and almost all topics. Mostly about this epic journey that I’m about to undertake or posts about the same or just posts I feel like should be up here. I hope you like it and that you’ll stick around.
Feel free to comment, like and share. Oh, plus constructive criticism is welcomed and highly appreciated.